Al Sarris dabkeh group is a performance group who study and performs the cultural Palestinian and Arabic dance called Dabkeh, which is a folk dance that is considered one of the main folklore themes is the middle eastern arab culture. Each region of the middle east has it's own version of the Dabkeh dance, we are specialized in Palestinian Dabkeh called Zareef al tol and Shamali. Our performance includes a singer and two instruments (Darbukkah and Drum), so we need 2 microphones on the stage while one of them is with a stand for the Darbukkah player.
Even though we are israeli citizens we are Palestinian arabs who would like to be introduced as palestinians. Palestinian people after the 1948 war are living in three separate regions, inside the green line (who have israeli passports), in the west bank and Gaza under occupation, and outside the israel-palestine lands as refugees.