Anna Raudkatsi Tantsuselts is a dance group from Pärnu, Estonia. Our pedigree goes back to 1955 when a group of folk dancers was founded with the same name. We re-established the group at 2015 to keep the legacy alive. During our short periood as Anna Raudkatsi Tantsuselts or ’ARTS’ as we like to call ourselves, we have been very active in local culture scene. We have organized great events in regional scale: Folk dance competition and concert dedicated to one of Estonia’s greatest folk dance coreographs Ullo Toomi, celebration of Estonia 100-th anniversary in national TV, exhibition of native culture in town museum, a concert in town theatre and many performances and apperances in different events all over the region.
We are not just a dance group but we are also a group of best friends. We share interests and activities. With our leader Roland Landing we share the passion towards folklore and our goal is to do it differently and freshly with a touch of every -and each one of us. This is what we can proudly present in our visit to International events and festivals.