Istanbul is bounded on the north and the south by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, respectively. The western half of the city lies in Europe while the eastern half is situated in Asia; in between the two halves flows the Bosphorus Strait. It is a city of great museums, historical places, shopping centers and it is a lively metropolis with many social areas.Our name is Boğaziçi Folklor Birliği Spor Kulübü (Bosphorus Folklore Sport Club). Every year, we are preparing child and young festivals. Take part in our festival and feel the mystery of the Bosphorus Sea.

Festival will start at 20 NOVEMBER 2024 16:00 and will end at 24 NOVEMBER 2024  10:00.

All groups are required to secure MEDICAL INSURANCE before coming to festival. Organization committee won’t pay any medical or hospital cost incurred at the festival period. However, for any emergency situations, we will provide an ambulance.


  • 8 years old and above dancers can join the festival.
  • Singing ensembles, majorettes, chorus ,folk dance and modern dance groups are welcome to FESTIVAL
  • Groups will present a performances of 5,10,15 minutes.
  • Music can be live or CD

Participation fee:

  • 175 Euro per person - 4 nights / We will provide to you Brekafast and accommodation at the 3 * hotel centrum in Ataşehir and Maltepe. Each room has 2-3 beds, toilet, showers.
  • 195 Euro per person - 4 nights / We will provide to you Brekafast + traditional dinner and accommodation at the 3 *  hotel centrum in Ataşehir and Maltepe. Each room has 2-3 beds, toilet, showers.
  • If group come more than 30 people one leader free. 40 people and more 2 free.
Payment for evaluation of one competition number: 
- Soloist-35 euros per participant
- Duet- 30 euros per participant
- Trio - 20 euros per participant
- groups up to - 10 euros per participant.
42 people on the bus, 25 euros per person, round trip
30 people on the bus, 30 euros per person, round trip
20 people on the bus, 35 euros per person, round trip,10 people on the bus, 40euros per person, round trip

If group is going to by PLANE, we are going to hire the bus for their all ground transportations.  Groups will pay this bus cost. Bus, serves throughout the festival dates (Airport transfers, excursions program transfers (group will visit historical area in Europe side only once), and transfers to the field performance). At the first day of the festival transportation fee should be paid to the festival committee. This is the cost of BUS for max. 44 person, totally 1200 €. If group number of participant  less than 18 person bus cost is 980.

Special Bosphorus boat trip will be organized for the groups who want to participate. Additional cost for this trip will be 25 Euro per person.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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