A great combination for participating in an arts festival and summer creative camp. Wonderful conditions and amazing tourist attractions await you for an unforgettable experience. Concerts and themed parties every night. Collaboration and joint productions from different genres. Creative meetings and Master classes between participants. Each participant will have the opportunity to try and learn more about performing arts and about different genres. International and cross-genre cultural exchange and promotion of creativity are an important element of the festival's goals. Professional sound and lighting equipment is available to the participants.

Town host:

Kiten is one of the most beautiful corners of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which can enchant every visitor with the irresistible feeling of summer! 
Kiten is a main destination from where during the Trojan War, XIII and XII century BC. Troy received provisions for its survival during the 10-year siege. 
Kiten is part of the region called Europe, which is where the name of the continent Europe comes from. According to an ancient legend, Princess Europa - daughter of the Phoenician king Phoenix was kidnapped by Zeus and forced to live in Strandzha Mountain. The region was called Europe until the early Middle Ages. 
The combination of the forested branches of Strandzha Mountain and the sea contributes to the charm of the small resort village of Kiten, which becomes a paradise during the summer season. Beaches are the main natural resource that makes Kiten a resort village. The good climatic conditions, combined with the features of the relief - the closed bays, suggest a calm sea in the town of Kiten during most of the summer season. 
Ropotamo Park is also close to Kiten. It was declared a reserve in 1940. It covers the mouth of the Ropotamo River and has an area of 847 hectares. Within the boundaries of the park there are 4 reserves - "Snake Island", "Morski Pelin", "Arcutino", "Water Lilies". 
The nature of the town of Kiten is extremely beautiful and attractive. Many tourists prefer Kiten because of the cleaner sea, the beautiful forest massifs. Kiten keep its glory as an ecologically clean beach resort. Strandja Park and Ropotamo Reserve are places for excursions and picnics. Walks and tours are organized to the villages close to Kiten - Primorsko, Lozenets, Tsarevo, Sozopol, Duni, Nessebar and others. Excursions to Istanbul are also organized. There are rides on yachts, boats and roller coasters.


Creative collectives are welcome from community centers, cultural clubs and amateur groups from Bulgaria and abroad. We expect participants from dance, vocal and instrumental folk groups including traditional authentic folk groups and groups for interpreted modern folklore and modern arts.
There are no age restrictions for participation.
There is no limit on the number of participants and acopmanig persons.
Creative collectives in the following genres are welcome: 
Choreographic groups and soloists:
  • folk dance, folk stylized dance, ethnic dance;
  • ballroom dance; classic ballet;
  • sport dance (hip hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance, pop locking and other street styles);
  • modern dance (jazz modern, neoclassic etc.); variety dance;
  • social dance (Argentine Tango, balboa, bachata, boogie, waltz, West Coast swing, zouk, Irish set dancing, country music, kizomba, lindy hop, machine, merengue, reggaeton, rueda, salsa, samba de gafieira, Semba, forró, hustle, and others).
Instrumental groups and soloists:
  • folk orchestra ensembles;
  • percussion instruments’ ensembles;
  • guitarists’ ensembles;
  • jazz style ensembles;
  • chamber orchestras;
  • symphony orchestras;
  • accordion and button accordion players’ orchestras.
Singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):
  • academic singing;
  • jazz singing;
  • rock and rap;
  • folk singing;
  • pop singing;
  • musicals.
Original genre*:
  • circus, clownery, acrobatics, original gymnastics, juggling;
  • illusion; pantomime, variety miniature, theater miniature;
  • art of speaking word, readers;
  • fine arts, drawing.
  • *Air acrobatic, fire and animal acts are prohibited.
Hotel "Green park"*** is located in the town of Kiten, 300 meters from the beautiful beach (one of the best beaches in Bulgaria) 350 m of sandy beach /Atliman beach/, on the territory of Strandzha Nature Park. 500 m from the center of Kiten; 3 km from the town of Primorsko; 60 km from the city of Burgas. Accommodation: 3-4 in standard rooms or 5-6 in apart rooms. All rooms have air conditioning, individual bathroom, hairdryer, telephone, satellite TV and balcony. 24/7 running hot and cold water. 
  • A diverse sports infrastructure! Provision of sports fields and equipment according to a pre-arranged schedule 
  • outdoor swimming pool 25 x 12.5 m. 
  • football field 60 x 90 m. 
  • open area for practicing strength exercises 5 x 10 m. 
  • indoor martial arts hall 6 x 12 m. 
  • dance hall 6 x 12 m. 
  • event stage 8 x 12 m. 
  • 2 beach volleyball courts. 

Primary Program 

1 day Afternoon arrival. Check in, meeting with the organizers Dinner, free program 
2 - 6 days
08 - 09 - Breakfast
09 - optional tours program, sports activities, Sea sunbathing on the beach or pool. Stage rehearsal, Creative meetings /according to the groups' preliminary schedule/ 
12 - 13 - Lunch
13 - optional tours program, sports activities, Sea sunbathing on the beach or pool, stage rehearsal,  Creative meetings /according to the groups' preliminary schedule/ 
19 - 20 - Dinner
20 - Concert, Thematic dance party, discotecs
7 day Breakfast, departure of the participants
For the stage performance, the group should prepare a program lasting 10 - 15 minutes. Depending on the number of groups participating in the concert, the program may be extended.
The groups should carry distinctive boards and flags of the team and the country.

Participation fee:

210 EUR for 7 days/6 nights per person
Session 1 - 21.06 - 27.06 
Session 2 - 27.06 - 03.07  

The price includes:

- 3 star hotel accommodation in rooms of four beds and apartments (fridge, TV, air conditioner)
- 6 - day full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Festival and resort fee
- Diplom for participation
- Medical Aid 24/7
- Lifeguard on the beach
- for a group of 15 people, the 16th is received free of charge
- for a group of 30 people, the 31th and 32th participate free of charge
- for a group of 45 people, the 46th, 47th and 48th participate free of charge
- children of up to 2 years of age are free of charge
Other payments:
- an additional payment of EUR   3 day/person for accommodation in a triple room
- an additional payment of EUR 10 day/person for accommodation in a double room
- an additional payment of EUR 17 day/person for accommodation in a single room
The price includes up to 2 double rooms per group. More double/single rooms are available upon request.
- EUR 40 day/person (night + full board) for additional stay at a time other than within the Festival days. The additional number of nights must be specified in the application form.
Trancfers from airports:
- EUR 25 per pax - Burgas - Kiten - Burgas transfer (for groups of at least 14 people)
- EUR 50 per pax Varna - Kiten - Varna transfer (for groups of at least 14 people)
- EUR 70-90 per pax (depending on the number of passengers) Sofia - KIten - Sofia - transfer
- EUR 70-90 per pax (depending on the number of passengers) İstanbul - Kİten - Istanbul transfer
Optional Tours program on request:
  • Boat trip around Primorsko - 25-30 euro without transport, 30-35 euro with transport
  • Boat trip around Sozopol - 25-30 euro without transport, 45-50 euro with transport
  • Boat trip around Pomorie - 25-30 euro without transport, 45-50 euro with transport
  • Pirate boat trip party Primorsko / Sozopol - 4.30 hours - 45-50 euro without transport, 50-55 euro with transport
  • Trip with guide - Sozopol, Burgas, Nessebar - 50-70 euro with transport
  • Trip to Castle Ravadinovo - 25-35 euro with transport
  • Aqua Park - Primorsko, Aqua Park - Ravadinovo - 25-50 euro with transport
  • Boat trip on the river Ropotamo - 17-25 euro with transport
The tourist program is requested 1 month before the start. The organizers cannot guarantee places if there is no advance request. Boat trips in the sea take place in suitable weather. Transport for minimum 15 persons

General Conditions:

  • To participate, you need to submit an Application for participation. 
  • Submission of an Application for participation means acceptance of the stated conditions for participation. 
  • In case of an approved application for participation, 20% of the amount is paid in the form of a guarantee fee. 
  • The remaining 80% is paid to a bank account 30 days before the start of the participation period or in cash before setting up at the hotel only with the permission of the organizers. The sender covers all bank fees.
  • Amounts will not be refunded to non-arriving participants.
  • All participants organize their own travel to and from the place of conducting and pay their own travel expenses.
  • All participants need to have the necessary international health insurance.
  • After receiving your application form, a confirmation will be sent to you along with payment instructions.
In case of unforeseen or force majeure circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to make changes. In accordance with the current economic situation, in the event of an increase in prices, the organizers reserve the right to make adjustments.


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