Goals and objectives of the International Council of ICH experts of EAFF

Goals: The Goals of the International Council of ICH experts of EAFF are to expertly support activities, methods, approaches and good practices related to the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage in the context of existing international instruments in the implementation of the guidelines of the Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of 2003 to UNESCO. Expert advisory support to organizational processes in documenting, archiving and presenting elements and good practices of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in National Lists and the UNESCO Representative List of ICH.

Objectives: Organizing of conferences, seminars, capacity building at exert, local, national and international level.


Head of International Council of ICH experts of EAFF

prof. Mila Santova, Bulgaria
Corresponding Member of Bulgaria Academy of Science.
Doctor of Art Studies

Prof. Mila Santova, DSc is the national expert on ICH, an internationally recognized expert of UNESCO in the field of ICH with a series of publications; chairman of ICOM – Bulgaria; consultant of WIPO; head of the teams which developed the Bulgarian National Register of ICH and the National System of Living Human Treasures – Bulgaria (NS LHT–B). Prof. Santova is also the leader of the Expert Council on ICH (EC ICH) at IEFEM. She has been awarded by the Minister of Culture the prestigious Golden Age – Star for outstanding contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture. Prof. Santova works on the problems of interaction between ICH and the institutions responsible for the protection of cultural heritage; heritage and visibility; museum presentations. She has as well an extensive teaching experience and will be extremely useful for the development of the scientific potential of the young scientists.