The World Cup of Folklore - Jesolo 2023 will be held from 5 to 9 June 2023 in one of the most popular beach destinations in the north of Italy, with 13 km of beach, located about 30 minutes from Venice.

The preliminary contest program guarantees attractive excursions, useful discussions, exciting concerts, memorable ceremonies and awards, disco entertainment and free time for leisure and learning about Italian culture.

Enjoy a 5-minute promo video that includes the emotions experienced during the competition in 2019.

A jury consisting of 3 people will evaluate performers in the categories: "Folklore singing groups, authentic folklore (choirs and ensembles)", "Folklore singing groups, contemporary arrangement of folk music (choirs and ensembles)", "Folklore dance groups, authentic Folklore (Folklore Dance Groups and Ensembles)", "Folklore Dance Groups, Contemporary Choreography (Folklore Dance Groups and Ensembles)", "Folklore Mixed Ensembles - Authentic Performances (Live Vocal, Instrumental and Dance)" and "Folklore Mixed Ensembles - Processed performances (live vocal, instrumental and dance)".

The last day for applications to participate is April 28, so hurry up and register in the forum, guaranteeing yourself the chance to become an absolute champion, who will receive a cash prize - a voucher for 1000 euro and a World Cup winner's diploma in folklore.

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