The first issue of the magazine for 2020 will present you all the curious details about the promotion of folklore art. You can check the online edition of the EAFF magazine.

20 overview articles showed the geographical landmarks and the scale of some of the world's most respected folklore forums. The highlight of the 12th edition of EAFF-REVIEW MAGAZINE is the success of the European Association of Folklore Festivals, which is to become part of the evaluation body in the list of intangible cultural heritage and in the list of elements in need of urgent protection. An actual topic in the specialized magazine is the activities of the EAFF's President - his membership in the ICH NGO Forum at the Steering Committee of the Region of Eastern Europe, his participation in the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Category 2 Regional center under the auspices of UNESCO, as well as his visit in Colombia - during the Assembly of Intergovernmental Committee for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Forum of the NGO's in regard of ICH. 

The global situation related to the folklore over the last 6 months has been summed up by the many musical celebration, intercultural friendships, world prizes, colorful parades, acapella performances, gala concerts, excursions, exotic cultures and numerous audiences, and presented in EAFF-REVIEW MAGAZINE.

If you want to learn more about the folklore events - check the electronic edition of the magazine - here.