The latest XI edition of EAFF - REVIEW MAGAZINE reveals curious facts about holding the most important international festivals in the period May - August 2019.
News related to the preservation and spreading of the intangible cultural heritage presented by the folklore of the nations at some of the most prestigious music and dance forums in the world is accompanied by rich illustrative material.
The focus of this issue is on the following topics: the joint work of the EAFF and the ICHCAP on the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage, the participation of EAFF in the Seminar on the Preparation of Nominations for the UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and the conduction of the most extensive music feasts in Mongolia, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria.
You will find out which groups have been awarded with the titles "Absolute Balkan Champion of Folklore in 2019", "Absolute Winner" in the XV International Folklore Festival "Euro Folk - Black Sea 2019", Grand Prix winner in the Asian Championship of Folklore "Asia Folk 2019" and "Absolute European Champion of Folklore in 2019".
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