Great success for the V° International Spring Festival "Garda's Lake" which involved more than 500 participants and 13 groups from Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, France and Italy.

The town hall was full in the 2 concerts that offered a spectacle of high-level choreography and performances, a wide variety of groups and cultures, and also the presence of some embassies of the participating delegations. This year in Garda there was a large concentration of Baltic groups - around 200 artists from Estonia and Latvia among which groups representatives of Russian culture. The Balkans was represented by Bulgaria; Belarus and Russia danced together on a stage to show that for dance and music there are no borders, France brought the colors of Provence and to conclude this rich range of different cultures we had also an Italian group of Lodi.

During their stay in Garda groups had the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of Garda and its surroundings and learn about the rich Italian heritage. The festival is a solid way to appreciate and keep alive the traditions and cultures of different peoples, a heritage that should not be lost, even if, in our culture folklore is often uncared for and considered almost an afterthought. 

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