Instructions for participation in festivals

How to apply for participation in a festival?

  1. All conditions for participation in the festivals are posted on the official webpage of EAFF.
  2. You can examine carefully the conditions for participation.
  3. In the upper part of the festival description there is a button APPLICATION FORM. By clicking the button you will open the application form, which you can complete. If such button does not exist, that means that the deadline for submission of Application for participation has expired and you cannot submit an Application Form.
  4. Each application form corresponds to the indicated festival.
  5. After diligently completion of the information required, press the button located at the botton of the application - SUBMIT. When filling in the number of participants or the number of accommodation must complete a specific number /do not use from - to/. Completed application will be sent to the department for processing of applications. Confirmation message for sent application will come up on the screen. If such message does not appear, please, look the application fields over for their proper completion.
  6. At the indicated email address you will receive a confirmation for the sent application with a relevant identification unique number. If you do not receive a confirmation letter, please, try again or call the indicated telephone number or e-mail: office ( @ ) for confirmation. / Also check your Spam folder, some systems directed automatically answers as spam. /
  7. The completed Application form certifying that the applicant accepts the conditions and will comply with the relevant regulation of the festival, to which refers the Application form.

What happens after submission of the Application Form?

  1. In the shortest time you will receive an answer to your Application for participation. It may take time at most up to 7 working days. /normally 2 - 3 days/
  2. The application form is processed and depending on the conditions of the festival you will receive instructions for further actions, documents and additional information which you must prepare and send.
  3. For festivals having participation fee as it is by festival condition it is necessary to send a guarantee fee, which may be redirected to another festival or returned upon non – conduct of the festival or occurrence of force majeure events such as natural disasters and others.
  4. The hotel reservation and residence fee is being sent at a later stage, conformed to the head organizers responsible for the festival.
  5. All types of payments conform to the relevant financial documents.
  6. For groups that need documents for issuing visas for the relevant countries in which the festivals are conducted, there are order and procedures which must be followed. You will receive instructions for the procedures after acceptance of the application form.
  7. The final payment of participation and residence fees is made before arrival at the festival or on the spot of the registration for participation depending on the festival conditions.
  8. Festivals without participation fees, whose head organizers take entirely or partially the accommodation and meals of the groups, wait for selection and approval by the Committee of the relevant festival.

After your participation in the relevant festival

  1. You can send an email with your impressions of the festival – organization, accommodation, attitude.
  2. Your opinions, recommendations and good attitude will help the festival organizers to work with pleasure, so that your participation has aquality that you can be proud of.

Who can participate in EAFF festivals?

There is no limit to the participating groups, except the limitations described in the individual conditions of the festival.


***  For festivals in countries where issuance of Visas is required for participants, it is important to submit application minimum 3 months up to the beginning of the festival.

The standards for indication of the types of feeding are:

OB - only bed
BB - Bed and breakfast
HB - Half board /Bed, Breakfast and Diner/
FB - Full board /Bed, Breakfast, Lunch, Diner/
ALL - All inclusive

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