Bihu is a harvesting festival of Assam (North East India) associated with Agriculture. During spring season boys & girls they dance together, they sing together & get opportunity to exchange their love and affection. It’s a festival of joy, festival of integrity & festival of prosperity. Bihu Dance is one of the major & attractive parts of Bihu festival. In the Bihu Dance the boys & girls wear new costumes. The musical instruments used in Bihu Dance are Dhol, Pepa, Tal, Gagana, Toka. Boys Costumes are- Churia(Waist Cloth), Chakpan(Shirt) made of Muga Silk, Tangali (Waist Belt) & Phulam Gamusha (Assamese Traditional Towel) on the head. Girls Costumes are- Muga Silk Mekhela, Riha & Red Blouse are used as Costumes during Bihu Dance. Girls Ornaments & Cosmetics are- Junbiri, Dhulbiri used as necklace, Gamkharu used as bracelet, Red Bindi on forehead, used Jetuka (Henna) on palm & used Borhomthuri on lips as lipstick.