13 - 17 Април 2019
  Batumi      Грузия

Директор:  Elif Kibaroglu

Заявка за участие

  до 25 Януари 2019

Batumi, the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” as it is often called is the second-largest city of Georgia, located on the coast of the Black Sea in the country’s southwest. European architects undertook numerous projects in Batumi at the beginning of the 20th century, and today it remains a hub of architectural innovation. Batumi is distinguished by a seacoast humid subtropical climate. Winters are cold without snow and summers are warm to hot.
Local cuisine is distinguished by its diversity and cooking technology, table-laying and relevant rituals. It has always been complemented with fruit, viticulture and bee keeping products as well as local fish. The most popular local dishes are: borano (cheese melted in butter), chirbuli (breakfast with eggs and walnut) and sinori (a dish with cottage curds and dough plates). A visit to Batumi is unimaginable without Ajarian khachapuri, a dish with a distinctive shape. The bread bowl resembles a boat, while an egg yolk inside represents the sun.
Georgia becomes more and more popular among tourists not because you can try delicious food there or visit ancient sightseeing but also for numerous entertainment options which are available there, such as Iconic clubs, archetypal pubs and bars, traditional wine cellars, delicious restaurants, You can try your luck at casinos as well. The city is sometimes called the Las Vegas of the Black Sea.
In Georgia all payments are realized in a national currency – Georgian Lari (GEL). 1 Lari  = 0,33 euro, so if you divide all prices by 3 you get euro prices. When you travel to Batumi there is no need to exchange money. There are ATMs everywhere around the cities. And also plastic cards are usable.
For all European passport holders it is free to go to Georgia and there are no visa restrictions. You get a stamp at the airport and are free to go. Places to visit: Batumi Boulevard, Old Batumi, Piazza Batumi, Alphabetic Tower, Astronomical Clock,  Argo Entertainment Center And Batumi Cable Car, Monument Ali and Nino, Europe Square, Piazza Square, Holy Mother Virgins Nativity Cathedral, Colonnades, Church of St. Nicholas, Chacha Tower, Ferris Wheel,  Batumi Seaport, Dolphinarium, Batumi Archeological Museum, Botanical Gardens (boasting one of the widest varieties of flora in the world, was established in 1912)

Conditions of participation:

  • performance of a free program 25 35 min.
  • minimum 21 persons (incl. accompanying persons)

Preliminary program: 

1st day: arrival
2nd day: participation in the concert of all ensembles and visit to a festival concert,free time
3rd day: meeting with conductors, rehearsal and participation in the festival concert, free time
4th day: visittoafestivalconcert,freetime
5th day: departure

Alternatively, a 6-days/5 nights stay is possible, too.
The festival schedule and the number of festival concerts will depend on the number and kind of participating choirs and orchestras. 
There will be plenty of time between rehearsals and concerts for tourist leisure activities and for talking with other festival participants.

Participation fee:

first class***** (five stars) - 5 days / 4 nights (13.04 - 17.04.2019)
  • 215 Euro per person in a double / triple room
  • 297 Euro per person in a single room
first class***** (five stars) - 6 days / 5 nights (13.04 - 18.04.2019)  
  • 263 Euro per person in a double / triple room
  • 366 Euro per person in a single room
Free participation and accommodation(+breakfast) of the conductor or the contact person.
Participation fee includes:
  • participation fee for organization and implementation of the festival
  • participation in the concert of all ensembles in Batumi
  • participation in the festival concert with rehearsal in a concert hall in Batumi
  • diploma
  • accommodation, breakfast at 5*****(first class) hotel category in Batumi
  • free participation and accommodation(+breakfast) of the conductor or the contact person

Additional offers that can be booked:

  • bus for transfers and trips in Batumi
  • guided city tour in Batumi and around
  • visiting the touristic arenas
  • transfer from / to Batum-Georgia airport / Trabzon - Turkey airport and hotel
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.