9 - 16 Август 2018
  Pitesti      Румъния

Contact person:  Murat Erdem

Conditions for participation:

1. Any country may participate in the Festival.
2. The group will consist of maximum 30 persons (participants, persons accompanying them, choreographer, musicians, drivers).
3. Only groups with orchestra and / or CD will be allowed to take part in the festival.
4. Participation of each group - 800 euro per group.

Selection of the participants:

1. Every group must submit the filled application form, together with a description of the group and photos or edifying CDs.
2. The submission deadline for the application forms is the 10th of May, 2018.
3. The organising committee will select the groups. Each group will be informed in writing (by e-mail or fax) of the decision of the organising committee.
4. If the group is unable to participate in the festival, the refusal will be submitted before 10th of May.


The parade of folk songs and costumes as well as folk performances will be organised in the open air.
1. The groups need to prepare:
- 5 minutes - dance program in the open air
- 15 minutes - dance program in the open air within the shows
- Evolution/ street parade – dance program
2. Each participant will receive a diploma or a trophy with the logo of the festival.

Organizational information:

1. Participants are expected to arrive in Pitesti on the 9th of August, at noon, and the departure will be on the 16th of August, after breakfast.
2. The organizers will provide accommodation and breakfast-lunch-dinner for this period of time.
3. The transport of participants is their responsibility. For groups that travel by plane, according to the flight schedule, airport transfers and trips to the festival will be supported by the organizers. Groups arriving by coach will use their own coach for trips to the towns where the shows take place.
4. The participating groups will financially support the possible costs of emergency hospitalization and recovery costs by the issued health insurances. The period of validity of the health insurances will be between the arrival and departure dates of the groups.
5. The participating groups will bring their country flags (the size of the flags should be 1.00 meter x 1.50 meter with the sticks).
6. Every group will exchange gifts with the representatives of Arges County Council and the host town halls. (6 local authorities)
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Applications for participation in this festival are accepted only from collectives members of EAFF.
For new collectives EAFF members fill in an Application form for Membership - http://eaff.eu/en/membership/groups