Evaluation of the contestants within one month.
The Song (UK) is a prestigious international online singing competition for all ages. Each contestant is judged by international experts according to the nomination and age category. The opportunities that await you: Showcase your unique vocal talent to millions of audiences around the world!
  • Win the hearts of the judges and have a chance at global fame.
  • Receive a British diploma.
  • The opportunity to participate in an international competition at the expense of the inviting party.
  • The main prize – professional recording of your own single in a famous studio in London.
Don’t miss the chance to make your talent famous and prove to the whole world that your voice is unique and inimitable! “The Song” is an opportunity to fulfill your dream of a music career and win the love of the public.
You take a video and send the application form
You make a video, upload it to any social network or file storage and send it to us with your application form. If you want your performance to be found by other participants, add the hashtags #Fiestalonia #TheSong in the comments or description of the video.
The jury evaluates the contestants
The jury evaluates the contestants and assigns each of them the appropriate prizes on a 100 point scale, according to their age category and nomination.
Each contestant/group receives a British Diploma with the result and prize.
Prizes, Diplomas, Certificates and recommendations of the jury
We send you Diplomas, Certificates, comments and recommendations from international experts to your e-mail address according to the options you have chosen when submitting your application.


  • I: pop singing;
  • II: jazz singing;
  • III: academic singing;
  • IV: rock and rap;
  • V: folk singing;
  • VI: musicals
  • VII: church singing.

Age groups of the participants:

  • younger than 10 years old
  • 10-12 years
  • 13-15 years
  • 16-19 years
  • 20-25 years
  • 26-35 years
  • 36-55 years
  • From 56 years
  • Mixed age groups
* If necessary and requested by the organizers, the age of the participant is confirmed by a copy of an identity document.

What are the video requirements?

Choose a competitive performance for participation lasting up to 8 minutes;
Upload the work on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, DropBox or any other service.

Evaluation and prizes:

How are the contestants evaluated?
By genres of performance and nominations, the awards are distributed among age groups:
  • participants who received up to 70 points become diploma holders;
  • participants who received from 70 to 79 points - laureates of the third degree;
  • participants who received from 80 to 89 points become laureates of the second degree;
  • participants who received from 90 to 99 points become laureates of the first degree;
  • participants who received 100 points become winners of the grand prize of the contest "The Song".
Competition Evaluation Criteria
  • Purity of the intonation and quality of sound
  • Beauty of the timbre and the voice strength
  • Scenic culture, artistic skill
  • Mastery – technique of movements’ execution
What gives the diploma?
The international diploma of our competition is a confirmation of your creative skills by a team of international experts from 5 countries with many years of stage and teaching experience at universities and conservatories in the UK, Spain, Italy and the USA.
The diploma will become part of your portfolio and can be used for admission to educational institutions, various scholarships and grants.
The Jury of the contest The Song
The jury includes world renowned choreographers, vocalists, conductors, musicians, producers, music critics from Spain, France, Italy, China, the USA and other countries. The international jury is formed by the organizer of the competition.

Participation fee:

Each performance is evaluated and paid separately, regardless of the duration and number of participants.
Basic Participation - €25
  • Participation in the competition
  • Evaluation by our Jury Members
  • International diploma of European standard
  • Publishing the result on the site
Participation with jury’s comment - €40
  • Participation in the competition
  • Evaluation by our Jury Members
  • International diploma of European standard
  • Publishing the result on the site
  • Recommendations from the Jury
Participation with comment and placement - €49
  • Participation in the competition
  • Evaluation by our Jury
  • International diploma of European standard
  • Publication of the result on our website
  • Placement of your number in our official channels on YouTube and Instagram
  • Certificate for the teacher
Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.

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